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Techceuticals has a long history of excellence in training and troubleshooting for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Techceuticals has provided solid dosage manufacturing companies training and equipment selection services, and supported every unit operation within the solid dose manufacturing value chain.

This rich legacy continues, and we're building out additional capabilities to serve our clients even more holistically. Schedule Consultation

Knowledge Services Driving Process Manufacturing Excellence

Whether you need a resource for operations training or are looking for a partner to provide complete operational solutions, Techceuticals has the experience, expertise, and resources to help.
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Training Courses

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Advanced Operations Training

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Process Troubleshooting Solutions

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Equipment Installation & Operational Qualification Support

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Quality Systems & Operations Consultation

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Manufacturing Operations Startup and Equipment Setup Support

Industries Served

Federal Equipment Company is making significant investments to expand our ability to serve new industries; the sectors we most commonly serve today include:


Nutraceuticals & Supplement

  • Solid dosage forms
  • Liquid dosage forms
  • Semi-solids

Other Industries

Diverse Training Delivery Formats

Techceuticals provides training and troubleshooting in multiple formats, including:
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Classroom Training Courses

Held at the Techceuticals Training and Development Center in Cleveland, Ohio.
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Hands-on Advanced Workshops

Learn more by diving deeper into complex operations.
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On-site Training

Train your team at your facility, highlighting your operational needs. Contact Us
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Attend training when convenient from your workstation. eLearning programs are designed for individuals or groups seeking knowledge and understanding of complex operations. Explore Webinars

Consulting to Process Knowledge Transfer

The Techceuticals team often helps clients with moment-in-time remediation and manufacturing troubleshooting. We can go in and solve a problem and close the project. While sometimes this "consultation only" approach is the best option for a given situation, typically transferring knowledge to the team—true manufacturing training and knowledge transfer—allows the client's team to solve the problems of the future. Knowledge transfer typically provides the most value as the same issues will likely manifest again without the proper knowledge transfer and a holistic view.

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